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about my work

I'm an Australian artist living and working in Munich, Germany. My work explores the natural world as a reflection of the human psyche, focusing on our perceptions of danger, foreboding, loss, memory, longing, dream and transience. My practice includes painting and installation. Forest has been a major theme in my work in the last years - both native forest with its cultural and psychological connotations, as representative of our inner longing for a world devoid of human interference, as well as the uncanny mono-cultures of managed forests. I have recently completed a series on thickets as a metaphor for complexity and foreboding. Other themes have included unfamiliar, dreamlike spaces such as frozen waterfalls and jellyfish swarms. The focus on third nature explored gardens as representations of paradise, contrasting the subjective experience (blurred) with the two-dimensional objective design (overlaid maps and architect designs).

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Foto am 15-06-2015 um 22_edited.jpg

photo: M. Berkmann

Trappentreustrasse 5
80339 Munich


+49 (0) 163 4757744

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