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Gedok Munich members' exhibition

8-14 July 2023

Opening on Friday, 7  July 2023, 6 pm

Opening hours: during the week 3 - 6pm
Sat & Sun 3 - 8pm

Artists' Sunday: 16.7., 3 - 7pm Uhr

Halle50, DomagkAteliers
Margarete-Schutte-Lihotzky-Str. 30
80807 Múnich

Atelierfoto 1.jpg

open westend

24-26 March 2023

Artists and craftspeople, musicians and dancers open their doors to visitors in Westend, Munich

Fri 6 - 9pm
Sat 12 -8pm

Sun 12 -7pm

We are located at Trappentreustrasse 5, 2nd floor
Atelier Brandenburger, Kiiskinen, Pincus

Enter through the car showroom of Häusler and take the lift or stairs to the second floor.

For more information:

For all the open studios in Westend:

Flower-Power 2023-1.jpg

So luxuriös im Blattlabyrinth  
3 - 24 Feb 2023

As part of the Flower Power festival of the City of Munich, works by GEDOK artists respond to texts by our women writers.


Ursula Haas, Sabine Jörg, Augusta Laar, Katharina Ponnier, Franziska Ruprecht, Barbara Yurtdas. 

Music: Masako Ohta.

Visual artists:
Stella Bach, Simone Braitinger, Ruth Effer, Brigitte Heintze, Reinhild Gerum, Gabriele Irle, Claude Jones, Erika Kassnel-Henneberg, Margret Kube, Katharina Lehmann, Ina Loitzl, Iris Nölle-Wehn, Anne Pincus, Ulrike Prusseit, Katharina Schellenberger, Katarina Sopčić, Christiane Spatt, Eva Raiser-Johanson, Kathrina Rudolph.
Curated by Katharina Lehmann

Opening hours: Tuesday- Friday 3 - 6pm
Schleißheimer Str. 61
80797 München

Down Under in Munich_Ausstellung Werkgalerie im Einstein 28-2.jpg

Down Under in Munich   
22 July - 11 Dec 2022

Christopher Croft
Anne Pincus
Penelope Richardson

This exhibition shows the work of three Australian artists who live and work in Munich and who all happen to be art tutors at the Munich Volkshochschule. The Volkshochschule chose Australia as its theme for 2022 due to a major exhibition of Indigenous bark painting from Arnhem Land at the Museum Fünf Kontinente.

Opening 21 July at 7 pm
Artists' Talk as part of Australia Week on 11 October at 6 pm

Finissage Friday 9 December 6 - 8pm!
Open every day 7 am-11 pm

Werkgalerie im Einstein 28, Foyer, 1/2 floors
Einsteinstrasse 28, Munich


15 Oct - 13 Nov 2022

Annual juried Gedok exhibition. In this exhibition, artists from all over Bavaria explore the theme of »tidying up«. The work not only examines gender-specific roles and the rebellion against them, but also the relationship between chaos and order in art. When do systems and order become rigid and restrictive and when do they offer structure and support? To what extent is disorder creative and to what extent does it allow new perspectives on reality?

Opening: Sat, 15 October 2022, 11 am
Finissage: Sun, 13 November 2022, 3 pm

Städtische Galerie im Kulturforum Klosterkirche, Ludwigstraße 12, 83278 Traunstein
open: Wed to Fri 11 am-5 pm, Sat and Sun 1-6 pm

Photo: Julia Milberger    left: A.Pincus, middle: S.Thiemann, right: P.Levis

ArtMuc     16 Sept - 9 Oct 2022

A big thank you to Uta Römer and her art leasing agency InSachenKunst for inviting the photographer Christoph Franke and myself to exhibit on her stand at the art fair ArtMuc.

Fri 6 - 10 pm, Sat 11 am -8 pm, Sun 11 am - 6 pm

MTC Locations, Ingolstädter Strasse 45-47 / 80807 Munich

pincus_swimming with medusa3_s.jpg

19. Kunstwoche Lenggries
16 Sept - 9 Oct 2022

Künstlervereinigung e.V.


This small and very motivated artists association organise a big exhibition of their own work and that of several invited guests in Lenggries each year.

The members of the association:

Jürgen Dreistein, Sophie Frey, Ecki Kober, Veronika Partenhauser, Gabi Pöhlmann, Paul Schwarzenberger, Klas Stöwer and Unbescheid.

The guests:

Hermann Biglmayr, Axel Berger, Flo Beyer, Clemens Büntig, Jakob Dobaiz, Vicky Anna Lardschneider, Anne Pincus, Angelika Dominique Rauchenberger, Gertrud von Winkler and Tutti Gogolin.

Mon-Fri 2-6 pm, Sat/Sun/public holidays 10 am -6 pmOpening on Thursday 15 September at 7 pm

former Kaserne Lenggries
Gebirgsjägerstrasse 15

Unter Holz Über Wasser
9 Sept - 3 Oct 2022
Kunstverein Landshut

Anne Pincus / Eva Ertl

painting, drawing and installation


Here nature is presented against the background of an often chaotic and unmanageable world of digitalization, globalization and networking. We look at the complexity and incomprehensibility of nature, see the surprising in the familiar, the abstract in the concrete and their timeless fascination and incomprehensibility.

Opening 9 September at 7.30 pm to coincide with the Landshut Art Weekend. Open Thurs - Sun 2-5 pm

Farbe auf Papier     
3 Sept - 20 Nov 2022     
Galerie Kaysser, Ruhpolding

Postkarte-87_ausst-nur-papier 1_Kaysser_2022.jpg

Works on paper with Ben Stone (AUS), Rene Lynch (USA), Josette Urso (USA), Anne Pincus (AUS), Julian Jackson (USA), Martina von der Brüggen (GER)

Wed to Fri: 10-12 am and 3-6 pm, Sat: 10 am-1 pm and 3-5 pm, Sun: 11 am-1 pm and 3-5 pm

Rausch der Kommunikation       
9 - 26 June 2022

an exhibition in the Gedok gallery, Munich, curated by Silke Bachmann


Anne Pincus, Barbara Yurtdas, Judith Egger, Nena Cermak, Penelope Richardson, Silke Bachmann

Schleissheimerstrasse 61
80797 Munich

Open Tue- Fri  3-6 pm /Sat and Sun 2-6 om

playing with nature
May 2022 - May 2023

an exhibition organised by Gedok Munich, curated by Penelope Richardson and Inge Kurtz
Akademie für Politische Bildung
Buchensee 1, 82327 Tutzing

Open daily Mon - Fri 8 am-5 pm
Exhibition will run until May 2023


Unearthly Delights      

1 - 24 April 2022     
Claude Jones, Anne Pincus, Iris Schabert

Künstlergruppe Die Burg, Liebenweinturm, Burghausen

Nature has long been linked to the concept of the ‘other’ – wild, unruly, mysterious, and frightening – yet it turns out that quite the opposite is true. In fact, humans have proven themselves to be the most destructive force on the planet. In the work of these three Munich-based artists, we are faced with unearthly delights – hybrid creatures, impenetrable forests, microbial phenomena, each artist gently challenging our perceptions, prompting us to consider our complex and often contradictory relationships with other species. We are invited to view nature through an alternative lens – one that seductively illuminates the eerie and unsettling aspects of our natural world, whilst reflecting upon our own human behaviour and impact therein.

Unearthy delights Bild.jpg
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