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swimming with medusa 2

Jellyfish are both graceful and threatening. They can be found in the sea all over the globe and are becoming more numerous due to overfishing and rising ocean temperatures. There are fears that fish populations will not be able to regenerate once the jellyfish population goes beyond a certain level as jellyfish live off plankton and fish eggs. In the last few years, there have been deeply disturbing and completely unprecedented events such as jellyfish swarms attacking and killing over 100,000 salmon in fish farms off the coast of Ireland. This type of jellyfish had never been seen so far north before. How will we feel about species when they take on pest-like dimensions. Will our appreciation of their beauty be compromised? Will our horror at the consequences of our actions be transferred blindly to the species themselves. This installation is a retake on the 2010 version. Invited to participate in the show 'Spaces' at KISS (Kunst im Schloss) Untergroeningen in 2021, I was able to create an immersive space in a completely darkened room in the 17th century castle. The objects are illuminated via shielded lamps when anyone enters the room. There are two swarms.

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