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Ink on silk chiffon, wood, 270 x 90 cm (24 pieces), 2003. This installation is concerned with the ephemeral. By using a very light and semi transparent material the work is able to interact in a very subtle way with its environment - the architectural space, the movement of air, the light, and the visitors. Any disturbance of the air (including the movement of visitors) will cause the hangings to move, and this wave like effect is an essential part of the work.. The hangings are marked with linear shapes and forms which refer to the organic world. They are abstracted references to both plant and cell forms and to the inner organs and systems of the human body. This is then a paradox: the concrete physical world and the ephemeral nature of the representation. This combination of the physical and the spiritual offers us a sense of the fragile, intangible, and transient nature of life

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